"I got listed in Joshua's '100% Zamurai Approved Seller' (Yeayyy).
Joshua received 70% more clicks and 40% opt-in rate"

We all know that the best targetted traffic comes from the US, UK, CAN, AU and NZ
(also known as Tier 1 countries). My list contains 70.3% US, UK, CAN, AU and NZ traffic
(while the rest is International traffic):

Contact Me: soload@izrulsolos.com

Here's What Some More Of My Happy
Customers Said About My Explosion Solos

"Monica received 47% more clicks, 38.8% opt-in rate and
73.64% Tier 1 Countries"

"Chris manage to get 1 sale, a whopping 53% opt-in rate and receive
250 clicks (out of 200 clicks that he has ordered)"

"Alex gets a 43% opt-in rate out of 200 clicks that he has ordered.
Plus he gets around 75% top Tier 1 traffic"

"Kevin gets 75% Tier 1 Countries and 38% more clicks.
He's a great guy by the way :-)"

"Kazi gets 73% Tier 1 Countries and 20% more clicks.
His opt-in rate is 58%. Superb, isn't it?"

"Galit gets a huge 56% overdelivery clicks from my solo"

"Andrew Cass (The founder of Renegade South Florida Entrepreneurs
& Mobile Marketing ROI Experts) has been my regular buyer
who bought higher amount of clicks from me and
always happy with the results"

"Bill gets doubled the clicks more than he has ordered just
because I'm not satisfied with the opt-ins he received :-)"

"Michelle manage to get 43 new subscribers from the 50%
overdelivery clicks that I sent to her"

"Allison managed to get 60% opt-in rate and one sale"

"Lee loved my overdelivery clicks and got one sale"

More Testimonials From Satisfied Customers

Testimonial from "Solo Ads Testimonials"
Facebook group

(I love this group. If you screw up, people will give a negative review of you
in this group so solo sellers cannot fool around. Oh by the way, my
pen name for FB is "Jai Bond", just to let you know)

Izrul's Explosion Solos Benefits:
  • Your offer will be sent to my premium list of buyers and non-buyers as well.
  • Your offer are always put in front of REAL people reading my emails.
  • My list is built through my unique sales funnel (a product I created myself and not from a junk PLR product) with the help of high quality solo ads, paid traffic, YouTube videos (3 of my targeting buyer keywords is on Page #1 of Google) and 15 Minutes Traffic Siphon (WSO product, really is cool stuff).
  • My list is always fresh. I am consistently add newly fresh subscribers ranging from 50 - 100 leads (or more) daily without fail.
  • I do not offer any free gift for people who subscribe to my opt-in squeeze page. They willingly subscribe to my list to learn more about my offer. I do not want any freebie-seekers in my list.
  • My list contains around 70% real people from US, UK, Canada and Australia (rest is worldwide traffic).
  • My mailing list is in the Internet Marketing niche, and so should be your offer.
  • I do not use rotators, traffic exchanges, adfly, pop ups, pop under or any kind of that junk or low quality traffic.
  • I clean up my list once or twice a month. Meaning that any subscribers who are lazy enough to open up my emails in a period of one to two months, I simply delete them from my list. By doing this, my open rate remains high. You can rest assure your offer will be seen by people who actually open and READ their email.

Please Read These Important Terms Before Placing Your Order!
  • Solos are ONLY for Internet Marketing niche only. So make sure your offer is related to this niche.
  • I send offer to a squeeze page ONLY. I will not accept webpage directly to your sales letter, blog, facebook fan page and such.
  • I accept squeeze page which direct to a paid offer but your squeeze page must entice my list to enter their email address to learn more about your offer.
  • I prefer to use my own swipe. You can provide your swipe (if you want it) and I have the right to change it if it is needed to suit my list. Please keep your ad short and sweet.
  • I can guarantee the number of clicks that you will receive (as per your order, usually you will receive more), but not the number of subscribers and sales. This is all depends on how good your squeeze page and offer are.
  • I reserve the right to start sending traffic to the URL before the provisional date.
  • I RESERVE the right to refuse ANY solo ads. If I do not think it is a good fit to my list, I will give you the option to change the offer and link. If that is not possible, then only I will refund your money.
  • By placing an order for a solo ad, you agree to the NO REFUND POLICY once your solo ad has been sent out to my list. If for whatever reason you have doubts that you can trust me or this service, please do not purchase.


50+ Unique & Targeted Clicks - Only $22
(Cost Per Click : $0.44)
"Testing The Waters Package"


100+ Unique & Targeted Clicks - Only $44
(Cost Per Click : $0.44)
"Professional Package"


200+ Unique & Targeted Clicks - Only $88
(Cost Per Click : $0.44)
"Now We're Talking Package"


300+ Unique & Targeted Clicks - Only $126
(Cost Per Click : $0.42)
"Hardcore Package"


400+ Unique & Targeted Clicks - Only $168
(Cost Per Click : $0.42)
"You're Dead Serious Package"


500+ Unique & Targeted Clicks - Only $200
(Cost Per Click : $0.40)
"The Legendary Package"


1000+ Unique & Targeted Clicks - Only $400
(Cost Per Click : $0.40)
"Superhero Package"


*** After Payment Please Send Your Link and Swipe to
 soload@izrulsolos.com ***

*** Use Subject Line "Solo Ads Purchase" ***

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